Instructions for use Toxic OFF

Indications for use

Take Toxic OFF as directed with water.

The purpose of the drug Toxic OFF covers several areas at once:

  • Removal of parasites from the body at various stages of their development.
  • Removal of benign tumors from the skin.
  • Cleansing the blood and organs of toxins and helminth waste.
  • Strengthening the body's immune function.

The antiparasitic product Toxic OFF neutralizes the activity of helminths and gently washes away their waste without harming health. The active ingredients strengthen the immune system and create a barrier to re-infestation by parasites. Along with eliminating the cause, the drug is also effective in getting rid of tumors on the skin. This refers to warts, papillomas, genital warts, dry calluses and keratomas.

Almost every person has papillomas on the body, however, to diagnose the presence of helminths, numerous tests are required. And even in this case, detecting parasites is not easy. Additional symptoms may indicate the need for preventive measures:

  • bad breath?
  • any manifestations of allergies.
  • skin rashes?
  • Frequent colds;
  • chronic fatigue, nervousness.
  • migraine;
  • stool disorders;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • sleep disorder, lack of appetite.
  • dark circles under the eyes.

If you experience at least one of these symptoms, use Toxic OFF capsules to ensure that the threat is eliminated without waiting for unpleasant consequences to appear. The use of capsules in Croatia can be done without a doctor's prescription, as well as for preventive purposes.

Tips for use

The instructions inside the package will tell you how to use the product without causing side effects. Follow these recommendations strictly and avoid overdose to avoid unexpected side effects.

Take the capsules daily according to the attached instructions, with plenty of clean water. It is better to do it at the same time. The minimum recommended course of treatment is 30 calendar days. Based on your own feelings, the course can be extended until complete cleansing.


Studies conducted on an experimental group of 400 people did not reveal the presence of clinically proven side effects. The natural composition of the drug, on the one hand, makes it safer compared to chemical analogues, on the other hand, we should not underestimate the natural effects on the body. If the damage is large enough and the cleaning is too intense, you may experience temporary discomfort. Consult your doctor for advice - timely adjustment of the dosage regimen of the drug can eliminate negative manifestations without stopping treatment.

Be careful with individual allergic reactions. If you have an intolerance to one or more components of the drug, it is better not to use it. However, the manifestations of allergies can be transient and arise from intoxication. The detoxification process can affect the intensity of the reaction. However, thorough body cleansing will eliminate this problem over time.